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Discover the Joy of Take-Out Murder!


Killer Karaoke
Killer Karaoke
Killer Karaoke

Enter the glittering and cutthroat world of the professional Karaoke Singer in Mystery Cafe Houston's world premiere show! Someone is stalking the contestants of the Gulf Coast Regional Semi-Final Three Steps Before National Silver Microphone Karaoke Competition and it's up to you to find out who... while there are still some crooners living!

Could it be:

Work it, Bubba!
  • Preston Avery - Your smiling Master of Ceremonies and last year's winner, who may not be so willing to hand over his crown. "You may smile and smile, and yet be a villain."
  • Boris - the enigmatic sound man, who may or may not in the Witness Protection Program. Who is he being protected from... or who is being protected from him?
  • Marly McLintock - former news anchorwoman, now turned freelance investigative reporter. Could her hunger for a return to the limelight be so great she would kill for a story?
  • Tiffany Lovejoy - Can anyone really be that dumb? And can you really trust anyone whose song of choice is "You Light Up My Life"?
  • Billy Bob 'Bubba' Buford - the pride and joy of Cut 'N' Shoot, Texas desperately needs the prize money. Funny about all those farm-related accidents that happened to his competition....
  • and Dian DeVone Deveraux, the Diva of Dallas, the Current Favorite (especially her own): could her vanity and ambition lead her to murder?
Even audience humiliation is fun!
Even if you feel that there is enough pain and suffering in the world without karaoke, Killer Karaoke provides enough fun, thrills, and sing-along-able songs to keep you laughing and humming long after the evening's over!

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

It's the sort of story the tabloids eat up: two young people, each the heir of fabulously successful but competing corporations, meet, fall in love and marry. Their union will create the world's largest (and noisiest) Barbecued Baked Bean company; literally thousands of dollars may be at stake... which may explain why dead bodies start cropping up.

The typically outrageous cast of characters include:

  • Stephanie Belcher - The bride. "I may be dumb, but I'm not an idiot!"
  • Phil Hocker - The groom. "I'm not just marrying Stephanie for her money! I love her! At least, I think I do..."
  • Barbara Jean Belcher - Mother of the bride. "Who wants pork rinds?"
  • Amos Hocker - Father of the Groom; rumored to be not only senile, but hard of hearing. "Who'd wanna lock up Norman Mailer?"
  • Sir Lionel P. Trane - The Belcher Family Lawyer who has his eye on running the company. "Surely you can't believe this blue-collar ruffian is mentally equipped to handle a successful enterprise!"
  • Blanche Belcher - Stephanie's twin sister (though born 42 seconds later). To put it kindly, on furlough from The Rubber Room. "Why would that make me MAD??!!"
  • Carl - The Best Man. Phil's best friend and a walking anti-drug campaign. "I am cheese!"

Then of course, there's the missing Judge, who should be officiating at the wedding, but is full of more excuses than a politician with an attractive intern. Weddings almost never go as planned, but they also (almost) never involve a web of murder and intrigue! Soon-to-be-weds, newlyweds, and oldyweds will all find something to recognize, appreciate, and laugh at in Marriage Can Be Murder!

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We Bring Our Mobile Mayhem to YOUR Doorstep!

Not as easy as it looks.Mystery Cafe stands ready to bring it's own unique form of entertainment to your party, board meeting, church function, or any other place where unsuspecting people are gathered. Customized jokes and characterizations can be easily provided, drawing the participants even further into the mystery. E-mail us, or (all together now) DIAL (713) 944-CLUE.





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